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What is an EPO/BPO
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Click on "What's My Home Really Worth" and /or "Zillow.com" for a quick approximation of your homes value, based on public record information. It is important to understand that these two websites are designed to quickly give the user an idea of what homes in their neighborhood are selling for. For an actual appraisal of your homes value you will need to enlist the services of an experienced professional (see below).


What We Do

With a panel of well qualified valuation experts, ExpertPriceOpinion.com provides fast and accurate valuations of residential properties in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. If you just need a quick approximation of what a particular home is worth try using the tools Above. If you would like to enlist the services of an expert we offer a host of valuation products ranging from a Desktop Valuation to a Full Appraisal with an interior inspection of the property. With competitive pricing and a large range of valuation products we offer a quick, cost effective solution to those who quickly need valuations on residential real estate. Our appraiser associates are considered experts in the markets in which they work and are able to provide valuations in as quick as 48 hours.

We are your one stop shop for Real Estate Value Estimate (2 day turn around), Drive-by Appraisal (Form 2055) and Full Appraisal Form 1004/1073 property valuation services.



Our Mission

ExpertPriceOpinion.com strives to become the leading provider of residential valuation products in the Los Angeles Area.


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Last modified: 04/24/09